Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has today received a very important reminder to not forget where he comes from.

While campaigning on the streets of his own Grayndler electorate, the Labor leader found himself face-to-face with one of his most important constituents.

Dimitri Miliotis, a 63-year-old fitter and turner now based in Lewisham. Or as Albo remembers him, ‘one of the older boys from the Camperdown flats’.

“Albo you old degenerate!!!” shouts Dimi.

“Where the fuck is the rest of ya?”

Dimitri is of course making reference to the Inner West MP’s impressive weight loss journey ever since he gave up the full strength lager after taking leadership of his party.

“You on the skim milk or what?!” asks the childhood acquaintance.

Albanese, fully aware of how important it is to engage with this particular voter in a way that does not erase their personal history, reverts back to a more casual tone.

“Dimi. I thought that was you, how ya been ya old crook?”

“Nah nothing too drastic mate, just keeping off the piss and keeping active. How bout you? You look like you swallowed a doonah”

Dimitri appears satisfied with Albanese keeping it real, while also making sure he doesn’t give any onlookers an insight into his ability to code-switch between front bench Labor politician and full-blown houso lad

“Yeah. Look I’ve been alright Anthony. The missus keeping me well fed. How’s the family”

Before Albo has the ability to answer the question, it becomes clear that Dimitri has been completely distracted by the aspiring Prime Minister’s choice of smart casual menswear.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” asks Dimitri.

“What are those trousers? Are you wearing suede shoes as well?”

“What’s going on here?”

Albanese has no option but to return fire.

“This coming from the bloke that used to cut around Marrickville in a satin shirt and stretch jeans”

“Blow it out your arse Dimitri. These are called chinos. Italian cotton mate”

“Sometimes you gotta dress the part for the big jobs. And we all know my people invented fashion”

The conversation then descended into raspy giggles as Dimitri started shadow boxing towards the Labor leader, before inviting him to sink some schooners with him at the Oxford Tavern in Petersham.

“Not the Oxford, Dimmy” said Albo.

“Even you should know I can’t be seen in those kinds of venues nowadays”


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