It’s been a huge few days of international diplomacy for Anthony Albanese.

And, somehow, he’s managed to head overseas and meet a bunch of foreign leaders without embarrassing himself or the nation, a feat that probably does deserve some credit.

However, while it’s been friendships galore and an abundance of PR shots talking about how much has been achieved on boring shit like ‘free trade,’ there has been some contention on a particular issue.

Speaking with his Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni, who demanded sitting in the far right corner of the room, Albanese ran into a bit of a headwind on the topic of ice cream…

When discussing favourite types of gelato and sorbet, Albanese apparently began to get frustrated with Meloni for her inability to understand just how god damn good the Leichhardt institution of Bar Italia is.

Famous through the city as one of the most notable restaurants and cafes in Australia’s Little Italy, the cash and cow’s milk only venue has a longstanding reputation as being one of the go to Italian joints in the country.

However, that was something the Italian PM refused to acknowledge, turning her nose up at the idea of not Italian made gelato being up scratch.

“Mi scusi, mi scusi,” laughed Albanese.

“But you haven’t lived until until you’ve been to Bar Italia.”

“I’m sorry, but I cannot agree to your assertion that unless its made in the mother country it’s no good.”

The vigorous conversation then continued like one would out the front of the popular inner west venue, before moving onto more pressing issues like why the Wallabies are so shit now.

More to come.


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