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Adam Kingi is back, baby, and he’s more than ready to let everyone know about it – in fact, he’s a firm believer of the saying, ‘the only way to get over someone, is to get under someone.’

Rather than waste time dwelling on past memories or feeling negative emotions, Adam plans to instead stamp it all out by dedicating himself to the gym to the point where it borders on masochism, and indulge in some casual flings with women who bear a stark resemblance to the ex that dumped him. 


Forming a multiple pronged attack, Adam has kept on with Tinder and Hinge rampage, and advertised his physical prowess on Instagram, like a peacock performing a feather show. The latter working pretty well for him, seeing as he was too practical to delete any former flames from his following, even when he was in a relationship.

At the end of the day, it pays to be resourceful and have a couple of safety nets – especially as Adam finds himself scoring a few lazy 😍 reactions to his latest thirst trap, which is the online equivalent of batting eyes across the bar.

“Session was so tough today 🥵.’

“I think I’m starting to see some progress…” he’d captioned, which he knew would get some saucy replies.

More to come.


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