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The popular ABC series ‘Nemesis’ has provided the average taxpayer with a stunning insight into how the nation’s most self-serving, moronic and utterly dispensable men and women make huge sums on money by doing nothing important.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull featured in last night’s episode where he, and the social-climbing mouthbreathers he was tasked with wrangling on a day-to-day basis, were shown to essentially put themselves before the taxpayer and play their stupid little games at the nation’s expense.

The programme outlined how easy it is for people totally unemployable in the private sector can make huge sums of money. Despite countless colleagues extolling the hubris and genius of Malcolm Turnbull, he was still unstuck by a suspiciously wealthy former drug cop and some hairless pot of mayonnaise that claps to the backbeat in church. At Goldman Sachs or Macquarie Bank, you can just sack people for being useless. You can’t sack the Member For Dawson because he goes before television cameras and routinely makes a fool of himself.

The most profoundly interesting moment in last night’s programme was Craig Laundy telling everyone that he essentially hasn’t done a solid poo since 2005. In last week’s programme, he told a colleague’s wife that her tuna mornay dinner was so repulsive and disgusting that he was going to order himself a personal Dominos pizza, which he planned on pumping solo at the dinner table while the rest of the family enjoyed the home-cooked meal. That pub chungus votes on legislation that affects your life and your children’s future.

In previous instalments of ‘Nemesis’ that have explored what happened in the catastrophic Labor Governments of yesteryear, the same can be said of them.

Politics attracts people who just aren’t cut out for life among the rest of us. People who hit their earning ceiling early or those that understand that there are simply not good enough to cut it in a world where profitability matters.

At their very core, they exist to serve themselves and their career. Creating things like Medicare is the bare minimum they can do for stealing up to half a wage. They’ve created a housing system that’s essentially a birth lottery – whereby if you enter the world in the wrong postcode to broke parents then you might as well pack it in there and then. Because you can toil your whole life now and leave with less than what you entered it with. They made it this way.

Impressive people in politics are few and far between. This latest edition of ‘Nemesis’ only galvanises that fact.


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