A young man from the nation’s most expensive city is today reveling in the manifestation of his dreams. 

Aaron Hardie (31) from Sydney’s rental belt of Camperdown, finally has enough money in his bank account to enter the property market. 

“All on my own too!” said the exuberant young man, quite proud of his ability to purchase a property without using the bank of mum and dad. 

And not only does he have enough coin to buy a property, but he doesn’t have to settle for an annexed broom closet underneath someone else’s stairs. 

Aaron can splash out and get himself an extravagant 3 bedroom apartment in a blonde brick set of units – with his very own carpark to boot! 

The exciting lifestyle change comes after the big fella hit the jackpot on the Tuesday night lottery. 

Forced to work as an office man in some soulless new age city skyscraper, Aaron says he has  made getting the Oz Lotto ticket a part of his life admin. 

“I’d kick myself if I ever missed out,” he laughed. 

“And now, I’ve got my very own seat at the strata meeting where I can argue till I’m blue in the face with Joan from Unit 4 about cutting down that London Plane tree in the common area,” he smiled. 

“I never would have thought I’d have my very own slice of the Australian dream.” 

“But, here we are.” 

“I’m thinking about going down to the Opera Bar for a couple of Peronis too.”

“Now that I’m a cash rich millionaire.” 

More to come. 


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