Victoria has this morning recorded the biggest single day increase in Australia since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Health authorities have today confirmed over 700 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, numbers that are well above the initial influx of Cedar Meats and Ruby Princess clusters.

The previous worst day in Australian testing was in Victoria on Monday, with 532 cases.

However, the newest bump in numbers shows that a peak is yet to be reached, with the Victorian government now radically changing their approach to the virus.

As of today, The Andrews government will now be testing for people who don’t have COVID-19, in a new strategy aimed at isolating the few Melburnians who haven’t yet come into contact with the virus.

This comes as Prime Minister Morrison begins returns to political point-scoring by going out of his way to describe Melbourne’s COVID-19 outbreak as the “Victorian wave” – as opposed to the ‘Federal Government’s Aged Care Wave.’

Health authorities are now urging Melbourne residents who aren’t showing symptoms of COVID-19 to get themselves tested, and to isolate immediately if their results come back negative.

In other news, the Herald Sun appears delighted to once again vilify African teenagers on their front page – with the news that the two teenage girls who brought COVID-19 back into Queensland look like the type of people who might have attended one of those disgraceful Black Lives Matter protests.



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