In a first for COVID-19 contact tracing, it seems the virus is now targeting certain occupations in New South Wales.

Initially the virus was seen to only be an issue for affluent holidayers and businesspeople coming back from China, Italy and the US – before it took hold of Melbourne’s public housing blocks in a second wave.

However, after months of indiscriminate community transmission – the virus seems to have mutated to target people who drive leased Audis and eat out every night of the week,

The Harbour City’s newest cluster appears to only affect people of a specific a profession.

Every single real estate agent in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs has been told to self-isolate after a growing number of confirmed cases were reported at the famous Cruising Yacht Club in Rushcutters, as well as The Apollo Restaurant and Fitness First in Potts Point.

NSW Health’s Jeremy McNulty said he was “particularly worried about the Potts Point cluster” which has now grown to seven confirmed cases.  

“We are at a knife’s edge, a critical point” Dr McNulty said.

All of Bondi Beach and Double Bay is also on high alert for any further cases, and Sydney’s cocaine dealers have all been urged to get themselves tested upon showing any signs of COVID-19 symptoms.

Former journalists now working for Domain and Real are reporting a sharp drop in open home inspections, as the Sydney real estate caste are unable to show people around houses they have already decided to buy.

“Potts Point is a very inconvenient place for a COVID-19 hotspot” said one property speculator.

“Especially after all the hard work we have put in to get the nightclubs closed down. The real estate agents themselves are affected by this”

Local Bellevue Hill Real Estate agent, Bodhi Maloush (33) says he hopes that he wakes up from this nightmare soon.

“It’s not fair” he says.

“I’ve got at least 16 doors to open tomorrow. That’s close to a million dollars worth of commissions I’m missing out on”


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