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A Lake Betoota sexagenarian woke this morning in a different universe he went to sleep in last night.

After weeks of being largely indifferent to the Victorian second wave of coronavirus, semi-retired builder Michael Brady said he’s being confronted by new feelings of empathy with the Victorian people.

“For a few weeks now, people in Betoota have been taking the piss out of the situation in Victoria and quite frankly, I was enjoying it,”

“But I think now the mood has shifted. Organisations such as your newspaper should change the way they’re reporting on this emerging public health crisis in Victoria. This isn’t really a political issue anymore; as much as your independent left-leaning newspaper wants it to be and that’s true too for the NewsCorp hivemind,”

“I don’t know, maybe I’m just getting old. I think it’s probably time we start seeing Victoria’s problems as national problems and leave the commentary to people like Old Checkered-Past Dutton and pretty much everyone who uses Twitter as a platform to garner self-satisfaction,”

“Just my two cents.”

Mr Brady then lay back down in the salty waters of Lake Betoota and told our reporter that if he wanted to continue the interview, they’d have to join him in the Lake.

More to come.


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