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In some breaking music news coming out of Sydney, it has been confirmed today that votes cast for Triple J’s Hottest One Hundred will not actually count unless they have been posted on social media.

The controversial move comes less than a month out from voting closing and is believed to have thrown many who ‘slaved’ over their top ten songs for the year into disarray.

The popular national radio station made the announcement this morning and informed listeners on the airwaves that anyone who had voted but hadn’t posted their votes on social media would need to either post their votes on their channels, or vote again and post.

“Hey guys, music news announcement here,” said the godfather of music programming on the station Richard Kingsmill.

“This year the Hottest 100 is having a bit of a shakeup. Anyone who doesn’t post their music selection on social media to let their followers know they have a distinct and unique taste in music won’t be eligible to have their votes counted,” he said.

“So make sure you get it up online to have your say,” he said.

Kingsmill told The Advocate that there had been internal discussions about whether people who complained about how long it took them to compile their votes or how hard it was to decide on ‘JUST’ ten songs should have their votes count for double.

“Maybe next year,” laughed Kingsmill.






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