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In a huge relief for the President of France Emmanuel Macron, the Yellow Vest protests that have captured international attention have not spread too far abroad.

With the country caught up in ongoing demonstrations that have now begun to spread to other parts of Europe, Macron was left worried moments ago when he was alerted to a possible Yellow Vest demonstration in the Australian city of Sydney.

However France’s leader was relieved when he was informed that the images were actually just of knock off at a popular Sydney drinking spot.

The images Macron was referring to were of construction workers enjoying a post work beer or four at the popular pub the Coogee Bay Hotel (CBH), which has been reformed over recent decades.

Macron told our European Correspondent that he was beginning to panic when he thought the protests against fuel prices, wage conditions and his Presidency had spread even further.

“I was very worried when I saw the hordes of men and women in high visibility clothing gathering in Sydney,” Macron said.

“It was a big relief for me when I was informed that it was just a group of people enjoying some ‘knock off.'”

“I’m not sure what that is, but I don’t care really, because it means that maybe this whole ‘Yellow Vest’ movement has flared up somewhere else.”

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