The iconic Notre Dame cathedral has been significantly damaged in a fire that has ripped through its roof and spire but the priceless collection of artwork inside has been recovered and authorities say the structure has been saved from total destruction.

The iconic Parisian tourists attraction was engulfed in flames just after it closed for the day. One fire fighter has been injured.

Paris locals say they are heartbroken, but not surprised.

“We said this when the 850-year old venue was sold last year” says President Emmanuel Macron.

“Why didn’t they just give it to a museum to look after, it’s a heritage listed building”

However, as Emmanuel Macron points out – for a building as delicate and timber-laden as the Notre Dame Cathedral – it was sold to possibly the most reckless type of owner there is.

A Western Queensland pub baron.

Bruce McEnroe (69), originally from Winton, surprised everyone in the back country last year when it was announced he’d taken his pub enterprise offshore, and nabbed the iconic Catholic Cathedral for an undisclosed amount.

However, as the Paris locals have pointed out in the aftermath of last night’s fire, they always knew McEnroe’s time as the owner operator of Notre-Dame was going to end badly.

“There was whispers that he’d done his arse” says local police chief Christoph Matilda (77).

“He’d struggled to get his DA approved for a woodfire pizza oven in the garden and a TAB on the ground floor”

“I know he was particularly offended when the Paris City Council wouldn’t allow him to bring pokies into the pub”

“Next thing you know, the whole fucking thing burns down and he’s filed an insurance claim within minutes of the roof caving in”

Investigators are now looking into whether or not last night’s disastrous fire was in fact an ‘Irish stocktake’ – and whether or not McEnroe’s impulsive holiday to Mooloolaba with the wife is actually legitimate.

The fact that all of McEnroe’s State Of Origin merchandise had been removed from the walls of Notre Dame before the fire has also raised suspicion.



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