A local woman named Aleesha Hipgrave has today let the rest of her office know that she’s actually a really interesting person who doesn’t just ‘fall in line with what everyone else is doing.’

This comes after she officially made herself interesting, and told her colleagues that she actually never really thought much of Game of Thrones.

“I tried to watch a few episodes early on in the piece and just couldn’t do it hey,” she said interrupting a conversation amongst others in the office about the wildly popular show.

After getting a mildly interested response asking why it wasn’t her cup of tea, Hipgrave explained that it wasn’t actually the violence or gore that turned her off.

“Yeah it’s that, it’s just like pretty basic with dragons and kings and all that kind of shit,” explained the woman who secretly binges Keeping up With The Kardashians when she’s hungover.

“I don’t know I guess you guys all like it, which is cool, I just don’t tag along with stuff just cause everyone else is doing it.”

Sensing that Hipgrave was finished up interjecting to improve her sense of self worth, the rest of the office continued on about the release of the first episode of the final series.

Speaking to our reporters a short time ago, one of the other office people Susie Phylis explained that Hipgrave makes a real point of trying to prove she isn’t a square.

“She’s always trying it on, doesn’t like to use social media apparently, doesn’t watch sport, never read Liane Moriarty,” Phylis said.

“It just seems like a huge amount of effort to put into trying not to like stuff solely because other people like it.”

“Anyway, good luck to her.”


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