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A local man has today demonstrated to all of his colleagues why he is the office funny guy.

Bradley Thomas did so a short time ago at a popular Old City District establishment when he banged his beer on the spout of a fellow drinkers beer, causing their drink to overflow everywhere and make a mess.

Immediately after carrying out the act so popular with people who have poor conversational skills and teenagers who’ve just started drinking, Thomas burst into laughter.

“Ha ha ha cop that Phil ya spoon,” said the brand manager almost wetting himself at the outdoor table.

With beer now all over his pants and part of the table where he was sitting, the man Phil pretend to chuckle slightly before trying to sip the last fountaining bit of beer.

“He’s lucky work’s paying to be honest,” said Phil after the office funny guy disappeared off to get another round.

“Because I wouldn’t be pretending to chuckle otherwise.”

“I do actually feel a little bit sorry for him when he does things like that though.”

“He’s just desperate for a laugh.”

Bumping into Bradley at the bar, the man told us that he doesn’t know why everyone doesn’t enjoy a good prank like that.

“It’s fucking funny bro,” he said shaking his head.

“Some of these squares are just too up tight man.”

We nodded and left him too it.


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