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A savvy Maid of Honour named Bridget Elkic is today receiving accolades for the way she planned her friend’s Hens day/night this week.

The group made up of friends scattered between Betoota Heights, Brisbane and the Gold Coast initially were a little sceptical of having to head down towards the Free Settlement of Adelaide for a big weekend of hedonism to celebrate their friend Stacey Young’s impending marriage.

However, after making the trip to Betoota’s closest capital city, the group were pleased with the schedule for the day of wineries in the famous Barossa Valley.

Bridg has done so well,” explained an already moderately tipsy friend from school sipping her 3rd rosé.

“We literally aren’t even going into any of the wineries,” she laughed.

“We went into the first one and got a heap of free wine and stocked up for the weekend, and did the whole how long have you been doing it thing with the old fella at the counter.”

“But for the rest of them we are just pulling up out the front, getting a few hundred good shots and then rolling back into the bus with the rosé,” she said.

“What a perfect trip!”

“I’ve just ticked over the 100 likes market for that most recent shot, so everything bodes well for the rest of the weekend.”


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