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Scott Morrison has been spoon fed some very clear instructions from his media team today.

“Nightwatch- I mean, Scott. I can’t stress how important it is for you to not agree to anymore FM radio interviews” pleaded Josie Franks, the head of ScoMo’s media team. 

“At least not until this bloody Engadine Macca’s shit dies down”

“Shit, sorry, I didn’t mean to call it out like that.”

The Engadine incident that his top media advisor is referring to allegedly took place in the dining area of the Engadine McDonald’s after Cronulla’s loss to Brisbane in the 1997 Super League grand final. 

“And while you’re at it, best you avoid Waleed too, you’re not equipped to go toe to toe with him – especially after your recent Borat impersonation.” Added Josie while shaking her head in shame.

The Advocate believes ScoMo’s media team are brainstorming as many ways as they can to physically stop their leader from opening his mouth and embarrassing himself until closer to the election.

“Most of us just want to lock him in a trunk.”

“But realistically we’re just going to have to hold fast to banning him from FM interviews – if he says fair dinkum one more time I think a kangaroo might die.”


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