A Labor Candidate in the seat of Hunter is wowing audiences tonight with an eloquent recital of the history of Holden SS Commodores.

A former coal miner and five-time Olympian, it’s believed Dan ‘The Branxton Bushranger’ Repacholi, has managed to effortlessly display his local roots by reciting the full timeline of engine upgrades, tracing back to the first generation VB Commodore.

Standing a formidable 6.6ft tall on stage at the Cessnock Performing Arts Centre, it’s understood the local Labor candidate was able to straight bat a rogue journalist’s question after a moisturised reporter from the Newcastle Herald attempted to railroad Repacholi with a classic piece of “gotcha journalism”.

Standing on a milk crate from the front row, it’s believed Newcastle City based journalist Hugo Wilson-Matthews attempted to catch out Repacholi with an oddly specific auto-motive question.

“Mr Repacholi, you say you’re a candidate that understands the local area, but can you recall the engine size of the Series II VF Commodore?” asked Wilson-Matthews.

Staring back with the knowing eyes of a man that’s watched every Bathurst 1000 since Mark Skaife won the event driving a Holden VX Commodore in 2001, Repacholi was quick to answer.

“Well of course that’s when the Red Lion upgraded to a 6.2-litre, LS3 V8 engine, capable of sub-5.0 second 0-100km/h acceleration time…” replied Repacholi with ease.

Doubling down on his ability to square up on the reporter from the Herald, Repacholi then placed the reporter on the ropes with a quick fire double jab.

“Of course, they also fine tuned the Redline suspension and restyled the front bumper and running lights, but you’d already know this if you were a true Hunter Valley local, and not some Bar Beach journalist who turned up today driving a Kia Picanto…”

After metaphorically flattening the Herald reporter, it’s understood Repacholi’s answer was met with a rapture of applause from Cessnock locals. 

More to come.


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