A local real estate agent is hot on the phone this morning, calling around to inquire about the possibility of plastering his face on Betoota’s biggest roadside billboard.

After weeks of driving the streets of Betoota, which are currently littered with election posters, it’s understood property pusher Gareth Kevins (31) is getting nervous that locals are beginning to forget what his face looks like.

Standing outside a 1.5-bedroom terrace currently up for sale in the French Quarter, Gareth told The Advocate he’s getting pretty sick of this election and the flood of roadside political posters that come with it.

“Look I get there’s an election on, but do all these soulless, bleached white teeth individuals need to plaster an image of their face everywhere, posing in a suit with some shit eating grin?”

“Honestly, I think I speak for everyone when I say it’s a bit overkill to signpost your personal brand on every tree stump…”

Making a few calls to try and book the 10-metre billboard that sits on the Developmental Road into town, Gareth highlighted the struggles the local real estate sector was facing.

“These damn pollies have taken over every spare metre of public space in town, everything from the local school, the district pool, even the nursing home fence is a patchwork quilt of red, yellow and blue corflute.”

“How am I going to sell any houses this week when people don’t know what I look like?”

After spending the last two years handing out business cards and working in his father’s real 

estate firm, Gareth admitted to our reporter that all the signage was inspiring him to potentially take up a career in politics.

Asked whether he was considering running in the next local election, Gareth told The Advocate he was already in talks to run with the Liberal party.

“Did you know if I get in with one of the big parties, they’ll pay for all my signage!”

“You know what they say, if you can’t beat them, join em!”


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