After denying the benefits of a 5.1% wage increase for minimum wage workers, Scotty from Marketing has felt the obligation to question his moral conscience or as she is better known, Jenny.

The Jiminy Cricket to Australia’s Pinocchio, in recent years Jenny Morrison has been responsible for explaining to her husband why sexual assault and workplace harassment is not on by reminding him he has daughters.

Now it is up to her to explain to the former treasurer that their family of four could not live off a single minimum wage income, especially if he insists on spending $80 on curry ingredients once a month.

“No we definitely couldn’t, especially with you buying a new Sharks hat and scarf before every game,” explained Jenny.

“There’d be no holidays either unless you want to get booed at a South Coast caravan park.”

Scotty was then heard explaining to Jenny that the country cannot afford a minimum wage increase as most businesses work undervaluing employees into their revenue model.

“But Scott, what if it was our girls who couldn’t get a pay increase?”

The pair were then seen laughing for a full hour at the thought that a politician’s child wouldn’t immediately walk into a six-figure salary immediately after graduating with an ATAR of 60.


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