A Brisbane real estate agent has today shown he may have a career in meteorology, by suggesting that Queensland might experience a bit of snow on the weekend.

The odd prediction comes on top of the forecasts that Brisbane could experience record November rainfall over the next few days, with fears the South East Corner of Queensland could experience flooding.

Albert Dugald Smith [25] has disregarded the Bureau of Meteorology’s claims of rain and thunderstorms, saying that he knows without a doubt, there’s actually a blizzard coming.

It’s unknown if Albert is delusional or has suddenly developed psychic abilities, but he assures his mates they’ll be more than fine.

In fact, there’s a chance they won’t even feel the cold at all, which is surprising, given they’ll be in a beer garden all night.

Weirdly enough, despite no other evidence of arctic conditions, Albert’s mates appear to believe his prediction, offering no counter argument in response to his strange ramblings.

“Yeah might want to Uber in Steve”, says Albert, running fingers through his heavily gelled hair, “heard there’s a high chance of snow tonight.”

“Have a feeling we might bump into Charlie.”

“Better we huddle together to stay warm”

“If you know what I’m saying hahaha.”

More to come.


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