Yesterday, The Betoota Advocate started the week with an exciting news story that investigated the rapidly shifting public perception of Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The headline read: ‘Man Wonders In What Spectacular Fashion The Prime Minister Will Fuck Something Up This Week’ – and explored a local Betoota resident’s disillusionment with the man bloke he voted for in 2019.

Wade Donough, a 45-year-old founder of a small scale residential building company, explained that he reckons at his core, Scott Morrison is a pretty affable bloke and could probably tolerate him at a mate’s barbecue or something but when it comes to running the country, he’s just not the right bloke.

“Mate, he’d fuck up a cup of tea” he said, as our reporters dug deeper into how the once rusted on Liberal voters are starting to feel about their Prime Minister now that they know he will lie, rort, hide and sledge his way out of any blaringly obvious political binfire he keeps finding himself in.

And like clockwork, Wade’s excited prediction a spectacular fuck up from Scotty From Marketing was hand-delivered to him in a warm brown paper bag before the close of business on the same day.

Yesterday, Scotty made yet another ridiculous claim that he informed his Opposition leader Anthony Albanese that he was going to Hawaii during the devastating bushfires in late 2019.

The Prime Minister’s stupidly timed Hawaiian holiday, that he decided to take in the middle of the record-breaking 2019 Black Summer Bushfires, re-emerged during Question Time yestersay, when Scotty was asked to explain why his office had flat out lied to journalist about him leaving the country when it his people needed him the most.

And like the entitled Eastern Suburbs boy he is, Scotty From Marketing was unable to let that one go through to the keeper – opting to take the bait with two hands.

Through a glass jaw, Mr Morrison roared he “can only speak to what I have said.” But he then added the startling claim that he told Mr Albanese where he was going.

“As the Leader of the Opposition will know, because I texted him from the plane when I was going on that leave, and told him where I was going and he was fully aware of where I was travelling with my family,’’ he said.

Albanese immediately refuted this claim across the floor of Parliament, Mr Albanese then rose shortly after Question Time to claim he had been misrepresented.

“The Prime Minister said that, to quote him, ‘I texted him from the plane when I was going on that leave and told him where I was going,’” he said.

“Mr Speaker that is not true. On the 15th of December 2019, at 9:44pm, the Prime Minister did text me saying he was going on leave,’’ Mr Albanese said.

“He did not tell me where he was going. He said he was going with his family. I kept that text message confidential, as you do with private text messages between private phones. And on Friday, he disclosed in an interview with 2GB that he had texted me and that was the first time that became public.”

Morrison has since had to retract his claim that he had informed Albanese of his plans to leave the country at the height of the bushfires.

Six more months of this to come.


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