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Peter Stefanovic and his charmingly sunburnt older brother Karl has told the media this week that they’re stepping away from the Today Show after a long time to focus on other things and explore opportunities elsewhere.

One of those other opportunities, according to Peter, lies within the walls of the Eastern Sydney bolthole.

Speaking to the media this afternoon in Australia’s most overrated city, the 37-year-old Scorpio said he and his Karl had recently turned their twin beds into a bunk.

“We have a lot of time to do things now,” he explained while wearing one of his visually offensive train driver hats.

“So today, we got our beds and turned them into bunks so we’d have more room to smoke darts inside with the windows shut and the aircon on. The height of luxury. Only surpassed by having a dart in the Dead Sea. Seriously, let me know when you’ve tried it and try telling me you didn’t enjoy the experience,”

“Karl said he didn’t want to say anything today except for this short statement.”

Peter then unfolded a page seemingly torn from a 2003 edition of the Adelaide White Pages.

“Purple monkey dishwasher,” he declared.

“That’ll be all.”

More to come.




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