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Following the news that yet another Australian actress has been made to feel uncomfortable by the patron saint of chardonnay socialism, it seems that the many inner-city Bunnings franchises right across the country are being stormed by silver-haired theatre enthusiasts, who refuse to believe the many different young people accusing Geoffrey Rush of being a creep could be right.

The Surry Hills, Balmain, South Brisbane and South Yarra Bunnings stores have reportedly completely run out of ear protection devices such as industrial strength ear muffs and plugs.

Leading Australian actor Yael Stone claims Hollywood star Geoffrey Rush used a small mirror to watch her shower over a partition and danced in front of her naked when the pair worked together on a play in Sydney.

In interviews with the New York Times, which nd ABC’s 730 yesterday Stone, who stars in the hit TV program Orange is the New Black, says Rush also made a sexual invitation to her to go back to his accommodation.

In another incident Rush allegedly stroked Stone’s back as she wore a backless dress at an awards ceremony.

As hundreds of high-profile figures across media and the arts begin to be face the comeuppance for a lifetime of sleazing and abuses of power amongst female colleagues, Geoffrey Rush appears to be the first Australian to be accused and remain on the right side of history, in the eyes of the arts community.

Australia’s spirited theatre patrons and producers are opting to enact ‘George Clooney blinkers’ and say they never knew, and couldn’t believe it.

“These allegations are very serious. I think we should be very careful before we condemn him” says one Balmain resident, Bronte Drummoyne (33).

“It’s not like he’s an NRL player… The Daily Telegraph can’t just go around writing things like that about people like our Geoffrey”

Another staunch lover of films and the ABC, West End-based lino-printer Wyatt Elight (44) suggests there could be a bit of foul play behind the headlines.

“Who knows, someone might have an agenda, we all know the mainstream media are prejudice towards the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise”

“First pistol and boo, and now this”

With a line of big names giving testimony on behalf of their close friend Rush, it appears the Hollywood star might be succesful in suing the Murdoch media yet. With the Australian theatre community dubbing the defamation case as ‘our OJ trial’.

“If the scrumptious comment was bullshit, you must acquit!” says another theatre loyalist, Merryl Thurman (44, Brunswick).


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