In some breaking news from Betoota’s Old City District, it can be revealed that a local bloke’s mate’s cousin’s fiancé doesn’t actually work on the set of a popular reality TV show – or at least doesn’t have that much of a role at all.

This comes after a group of young men loaded up on someone who didn’t win Masterchef this week, despite receiving a strong tip that they were in fact the winner.

“Yeah turns out Laura wasn’t the legit winner,” sighed one anonymous local gambler who thought a bookie who knew the result would let him dump big money on someone at longish odds if they were the winner.

“I mean, Brad (the mate who had the tip) was certain. His cousin’s fiancé reckons it was a sure thing, but I guess it was just murky whispers.”

“I guess that’s what happens you a show is shot weeks ago and everyone just starts feeding off misinformation.”

“Oh well, always the Bachelor to get back on the horse,” said the man who also jumped on the bandwagon to vote for Daniel Gorringe in Big Brother last night after loading up at long odds.

“Maybe I shouldn’t bet on this random shit.”

“I don’t know. I’ll just take it with a pinch of salt next time I get mail,” said the man who has been burnt numerous times before and will inevitably be burnt again.


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