As she rewrites her email for the fifth time, local woman Nadia Toomes feels like the tone is a bit off.

It’s not like the email is important, given that it’s only a quick note to one of the juniors but Nadia worries that the constructive feedback has the potential to come across as a bit harsh.

Meaning that she’ll have to double down in her enthusiasm lest she comes across off as a horrible, controlling wench.

Though a reasonably confident person when it comes to face to face interactions, Nadia’s social anxiety seems to rear its head in the form of policing emails.

She’s also the type of person who writes down long messages she plans to send on Snapchat in her notes folder first because she doesn’t like the idea of her emoticon bobbing about for too long.

Realising that she may have overdone it with the exclamation points, therefore coming across as potentially condescending, Nadia deletes all of them and replaces them with full stops.

But now it comes across as too stern, which is the opposite of what she’s going for. She considers popping in a smiley face at the end of the last sentence but theorises that the slightly smiley face could be misconstrued as a little passive-aggressive.

Coming up thirty minutes and with approximately seven different rewrites, Nadia settles on scanning the document for a suitable place to slip in exactly one exclamation point.

Popping it in the middle of the paragraph, which pleases her need for symmetry, Nadia sends off the email before taking a look at her outbox folder to reread the email from the viewpoint of the sendee.

More to come.


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