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Local champion of free speech and libertarianism George Christensen is blocking, for the third time, the release of a letter between the Australian Federal Police and his office regarding his travels in the Phillippines over a number of years.

Mr George says the letter contains accusations that paint him in a poor light and might, just might, cause a ripple to tear through the Coalition Government.

Rather than simply responding to the letter, after it’s been made public, Mr George is choosing to draw mass publicity toward it so when it’s inevitably released, everyone will know the detail.

More importantly, Mr George is also denying the people who paid for his countless trips to the Phillippines to see what bang they were getting for their buck. What was he doing over there? Why do the Australian Federal Police care about what he was doing over there?

Thousands upon thousands of Australians used to travel between here and the Phillippines each month. Why are they picking on George?

Without the release of the letter Mr George so desperately wants to keep secret, we’ll never know why all that travel was so necessary. And as a champion of small government and free speech, it seems pretty hypocritical.

The Advocate reached out to the Australian Federal Police for comment but were told they don’t comment on such matters.

In addition to that, Mr George’s office mailed The Advocate’s editor Clancy Overell a bullet with a letter saying, “The next one will be coming a lot fucken [sic] quicker!”

More to come.


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