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A local millennial has today dropped quite the controversial statement, by insisting the Placebo cover of ‘Running Up That Hill’ is better than the original.

Jasmine Hynes [29] is alleged to have caught wind of the hype surrounding the Kate Bush classic after her Facebook feed and Tik Tok algorithm were both completely obliterated by Stranger Things posts.

When the topic of conversation came up at work and fellow co-workers shared their enthusiasm of the English songstress, Jasmine felt the urge to ‘pull a boomer’ and shit on it as much as possible – and as a former OC diehard, she had plenty to say.

“I actually think the Placebo cover is better”, says Jasmine confidently, likely, as she had a small crush on the lead singer Brian Molko at the time, “I find it more…haunting.”

No doubt thinking of the opening scene for both season four of the OC and the pilot episode of Vampire Diaries, it’s understood Jasmine may have mistaken it for the better version purely for her affinity for those TV shows, and the alternative indie scene.

It’s alleged her opinion was met with a few blank stares, as none of her coworkers had gotten obsessively into Placebo after experiencing their sexual awakening watching Cruel Intentions.

More to come.


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