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The age of senior public servant entitlement is over, according to the Prime Minister, who peeled the plastic off his in-flight meal himself today as he and his team jetted back to Canberra from the Quad Talks in Japan this week.

“I’m having the same disgusting in-flight meal as you guys,” Anthony Albanese told his team.

“I even got the chicken and rice [laughs] I wouldn’t give this to Toto. Who wants to swap this Boags for something else? I’d even take a Tooheys New over this Tasmanian bathwater.”

The Advocate understands that the Prime Minister was offered a Cape Grim sirloin steak by the RAAF VIP Transport team but ultimately decided the optics would be bad, considering his promise to put public trust back into the public service.

However, the Prime Minister’s media advisor told him that the optics of saving the sirloin to give to Toto would probably be worse as “not even Simon Holmes a Court’s dog eats Cape Grim sirloin” for dinner.

One of the galley cooks spoke briefly to our reporter in the designated smoking toilet of the Boeing 737, where they explained there wasn’t much to do now the Prime Minister insists on eating the same microwaved garbage they give to the plebs.

“We just bang it in the science oven and give them a knife and fork now,” he said.

“With Scott [Morrison] we had to do three courses. He’d eat dessert first and call himself a naughty boy a few times. Then it was a surf’n’turf T-bone with calamari on top and then lime jelly,”

“It wasn’t hard to do, it’s just that I had less time for toilet durries like this.”

More to come.


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