Restaurants specialising in foreign cuisine will serve a far more authentic and superior meal if their name is grammatically incorrect, it has been confirmed.

Research has revealed that establishments with names that make no sense – including misplaced words, interesting words, or words not commonly used in the english language – are 100% more likely to serve far better and authentic meals to their customers.

“It makes it easy” said Ryan Patterson, an avid Uber Eats user. “You flick through the Asian options and just look for the most cooked name. You see something like ‘Korea Chick Magnificent Hello’ and you know you’re good”

For those looking for the bricks-and-mortar experience, a few other factors are to be taken into consideration if you want the best meal.

These include:
– The shops decor must make as little sense as it’s name
– The windows must display highly faded photos of the food on the menu
– There must be no sign of any graphic design or marketing consultancy
– Absolutely no online presence (except for some bad reviews on Yelp)

If your local incorrectly-named restaurant ticks all of these boxes, congratulations. You’ll never need to eat anywhere else, ever again.


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