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Back where this latest outbreak of the Pangolin’s Wrath began, a cafe owner is lamenting the fact that he can’t open now that the restrictions in Sydney have been all but lifted because he doesn’t have a steady stream of exploitable backpackers to work for him.

Speaking from the heart, Wally Ortofellashio explained candidly to our reporter that he wished he could open his cafe.

“The government shouldn’t have sent home the foreigners,” said the owner of the Fat Man’s Hernia Cafe on Campbell Boulevard.

“They should’ve been a part of JobKeeper, which was great for me, don’t get me wrong. But now that everything is opening back up, there’s no naive Brazilians or Italians for me to underpay. If I employ Australians, they complain about things like not being paid their super and not being paid an award wage. Australians are spoilt,”

“South Americans are great because they don’t ask questions, they just turn up and make flat whites for the yuppie pigs that infest this suburb like fleas on a stray cat’s arse. Actually, can you not publish that last part, that was off the record.”

Let it be known that the previous quote was off the record and Mr Ortofellashio says it’s a treat to be a part of such a lovely community, one that’s put hundreds of people to the sword around the country.

More to come.


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