The Deputy Prime Minister of Australia has today revealed the reason behind the Nationals hesitation on committing to Net Zero 2050.

Speaking in parliament today after the mammoth 8 hour National Party meeting yesterday, Barnaby Joyce explained that he needs to do what is right for him and his colleagues.

His comments come as pressure is heaped on Scott Morrison to clarify the national position on Net Zero 2050 ahead of a big international conference in Glasgow.

“I care about regional jobs,” said Barnaby today, who is paid to represent regional constituents in Canberra instead of the interests of powerful resources barons and lobbyists.

“The regional jobs of the people who make up my party room,” he laughed.

“And we aren’t sure whether pressuring the powerful to ensure that regional and rural Australians can cash in on a green economy is the easiest thing for us.”

“Even if the likes of the National Farmers Federation say we should commit to Net Zero because it’s a great opportunity for people in the regions.”

“Designing schemes that help primary producers get compensated for transitioning their business sounds like a lot of fucking work.”

“And as Matt and co explained, we could probably just get another election out of just saying climate change is latte-sipping leftie bullshit.”

“So we are torn.”

“I mean, we spent 8 hours yesterday going in circles on this shit, and it really seems like it’s not in our best interest to just hand over to Scotty on this.”

Barnaby then confirmed that it’s all about the upcoming election.

“Look, we don’t need to win this election by pitching climate change as an opportunity to create jobs and national wealth, we need to not lose the thing.”

“I don’t know, the whole thing is doing my fucking head in. It’s beer o’clock if you ask me.”

More to come.


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