A coworker with a big stature is apparently a gym junkie, it has been confirmed.

While holding the reigns to a white collar job that is pretty much just as boring as he is, the spreadsheet jockey has confirmed that he works out heaps, by deciding to only drink water out of a plastic protein powder shaker.

Despite the fact that the office kitchen is completely kitted out with glassware, water dispensers, and coffee cups – the bloke whose name might be Jake (or Jason?) doesn’t seem to think there is any better way to hydrate himself than by glugging water through a cylindrical half litre plastic container with a 5 inch hole in the top.

Coworkers allege that his only other stand out personality trait is being overly keen to put his name down for office fun runs and touch footy sides.

The bloke, who sits at the other end of the office, has also taken to doing very noticeable tricep stretches while walking to the printer – another fool proof way of pointing out that he works out heaps.

With a bag of protein powder now visibly sitting under his desk, nearby employees can only assume he will begin measuring spoonfuls of protein and pre-trainer into the shaker in the final minutes of the working day.




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