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As Australian political parties do anything to get out of talking about climate change, a northern European country with a much better health-care system than ours has suffered a terrible tragedy.

The landslide in the progressive European nation of Nordvlaland has claimed an exclusive ski lodge.

As the Nordvlandians process what happened, the countries Atheist leader Steig Holm has sent ‘thoughts and vibes’ to the victims and their families.

“We want the families to now our thoughts and vibes are with them,” stated the Prime Minister during a carbon-neutral press conference.

“They should know this event was completely random, out of their control and ultimately meaningless. Hopefully, they can find some comfort in that.” 

The power generated by the destructive landslide was harnessed in a nearby power plant that has gone on to provide free electricity for the 50,000 displaced refugees Nordvlaland processed last year.


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