The Australian Prime Minister’s humiliation on the world stage is far from complete, as the Glasgow climate change summit becomes less about world leaders trying to save the world, and more about how Scott Morrison cannot be trusted as a diplomat.

In fact, Scotty From Marketing has dropped the ball so badly that no amount of horse races and heroic police rescues can drown out how much damage he has done to Australia’s reputation within the global economy.

The month leading up to this week long European conference almost tore Morrison’s own government apart, as he pressured his national party allies to sign up to Net Zero 2050, so that he could arrive in Glasgow without the fear of having strips torn off him for his role as one of the world’s most unapologetic fossil fuels shills.

It seems that the turmoil he put his own colleagues through by forcing them to at least pretend they care about climate change was all for nothing.

Unfortunately, Scotty From Marketing’s hopes to avoid being humiliated in front of the rest of the world’s leaders was dashed the moment the French President Emmanuel Macron called him a liar in front of live cameras on Monday.

By the afternoon, President Biden had rushed to side with the French, and apologised profusely for the clumsiness of the announcement of the Australia/USA submarine pact. While also insisting Morrison had assured his government that Macron had been informed of his plans to tear up a pre-existing contract.

With Australia’s grain, wine, iron ore and beef exports now at the mercy of strict sanctions due to Scotty’s ability to butcher diplomatic relations with China, our biggest trading partner, it seems now the French and USA are also keeping their distance from us.

Scotty’s response to this binfire was to leak text messages between him and Macron to highly partisan Murdoch media. The contents of the text messages have been spun to imply that the French were very well aware of our Prime Minister’s plans to throw the European economic superpower under the bus – but actually just show a complete break down in communication and utter confusion.

This has left Scotty From Marketing, a man who was already a household name around the world for his cowardly decision to go on holidays to Hawaii during record-breaking bushfires, with the even worse tagline as ‘the man who leaks text messages between himself and other world leaders to save his own neck’.

“Be careful of that guy” said literally every world leader in Glasgow this week.


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