As she opens the fridge, local woman Izzie Newitt ponders which disgusting milk alternative to put in her morning coffee – oat, soy, cashew, rice, or coconut.

It’s alleged all three of the female housemates at the Daroo household were found to have some kind of stomach issue or intolerance, ranging from lactose and gluten to FODMAP.

These gastronomical disorders are said to have occurred to each of the girls in their early to mid-20s, and around the same time, they all started to spontaneously suffer from various other issues.

Luckily, at least the Queenslander shared by the girls has multiple bathrooms, should one of them slip up and eat something that was actually tasty – which occurs multiple times a week, as none of them really took their intolerances that seriously.

Grimacing as small white flakes rise to the surface of her coffee, Izzie asks our reporter if she fancies a cup of what looks like curdled cat vomit, to which she politely declines.

More to come.


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