As the Americans celebrate yet another grand final between two teams in that weird type of football they play, once again there has been lots of chatter about the halftime entertainment.

Unfortunately, the multi-millionaire musician that was chosen this year does not hold a torch to Michael Jackson’s 1993 Super Bowl performance.

This is not a surprise, as it is commonly accepted that nothing that the NFL has put forward since 1993 has come close to that spectacular moment in music history.

In the middle of his iconic ‘matador era’ – Michael Jackson’s historic halftime show began with him appearing at the top of the Super Bowl stadium with two body doubles, before he was catapulted to the centre of the arena and joined by a band.

He then performed a medley rendition of of “Jam”, “Why You Wanna Trip On Me”, “Billie Jean” and “Black or White” – accompanied by hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of wind machines and pyrotechnics.

As the 100,000-strong crowd at Pasedena’s Rose Bowl roared, MJ then finished with a tear-jerking humanitarian twist, as he was joined by a choir of 3,500 local children in singing “We Are the World”.

As many who witnessed this moment in history can attest, unfortunately whoever performed at today’s halftime show will not get as much action on YouTube as the 1993 show – and certainly won’t be spoken about so openly nearly three decades later.

Jackson’s dancing prowess and record-breaking pop numbers are yet to be topped by any other musicians in general, let alone when delivered to an audience of a hundred million on a live broadcast – and likely never will.

Many say that the only show that has come close to the King Of Pop in 1993 was the mildly impressive Destiny’s Child reunion in 2013, and then Lady Gaga’s 2016 performance in a close 3rd place.

Nothing will ever compete, unless perhaps Billy Joel and Elton John decide to get the piano duet back together.



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