In rugby league circles, the general consensus is that ‘the sun will burn out’ before the Parramatta Eels win another premiership.

This comes after three long decades since the glorious Peter Sterling era, when the club looked like they were on track to become one of the most successful clubs in the history of the game.

However, this trajectory was never to be.

A close graze with glory in the Fuifui Moimoi era looked to change the tide. But as is always the case, the entire program collapsed and the club was to spend the next decade embroiled in salary cap scandals and weird ties to the Hillsong Church.

Despite this, the fans keep turning up.

Long suffering, emotionally damaged fans.

39-year-old Flight District man, Harrison Park, is one of those fans.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today through the passenger window of his workute, the local refrigerator mechanic appears to be extremely well guarded about his feelings regarding the late-season success of his beloved Eels.

“Yeah” says Harrison

“See how we go hey”

The embattled NRL dribbler’s reluctance to count his chickens before they hatch is a common attitude amongst Parra fans – who have been honeydicked with a return to greatness too many times.

“They’ve played well the last few weeks. Penrith was unfortunate. But they still played well”

“But yeah, semi-finals is a pretty exciting. I am interested to see if my team, who I have supported since I can remember, and watch live 7 to 8 times a year, are capable of continuing their impressive finals run”

When asked how he will celebrate if, by the grace of God, his team somehow manage to win the 2022 Premiership, Harrison appears unfamiliar with the feelings of


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