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Now that another explosion of coronavirus cases in Queensland is all but inevitable, according to the Courier-Mail, staff at one of Betoota’s largest aged care facilities are being told to source their own PPE as there’s not enough to go round.

In addition, staff at Acacia Gardens are being told to ‘just be grateful that they have a job and aren’t working someplace fucked like The Ellen Show’.

MRS Capital, which own and operate Acacia Gardens, told frontline care staff in an email this morning not to speak to the media and that if they did, they’d be working at The Ellen Show by Monday.

In recent months, The Ellen Show has come under fire from current and former staff for fostering a toxic work environment which resulted in the show’s production company launching an internal investigation.

This morning, Ellen Degeneres released a letter that didn’t really say anything and didn’t admit any wrongdoing on any level, which has all but cemented her fate.

Back in town, staff who spoke to The Advocate today said they’ve received MRS’s message loud and clear.

“I’d rather get pissed by the pangolin than work on that show,” said one nurse.

“No problems, I’ll go and get my own masks and gloves and shit.”

The Advocate reached out to MRS for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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