Just when you thought the fiasco in Canberra couldn’t get any more ludicrous, Malcolm Turnbull has blown things up even more.

The seemingly on the way out the door Prime Minister has shocked his cabinet, the nation’s journalists and his combatants this afternoon by playing an immunity idol necklace.

The immunity idol necklace, according to popular cult reality TV series ‘Survivor’ grants an individual safety from being kicked out of ‘the game,’ which in the current case is federal politics.

It is not yet known how Turnbull came across the necklace, or how long he has had it in his possession for, but some believe it may have been linked to his work on Peter Dutton’s eligibility to sit for Parliament under Section 44.

Likely facing tribal council tomorrow at 1 pm the necklace could be an invaluable asset to the former merchant banker-cum-politician.

The tribal council, or liberal leadership meeting looks set to go ahead tomorrow after the number of signatures on a petition to call a meeting and force a spill motion grows.

However, with the Prime Minister now in possession of an immunity necklace, it remains to be seen what will be happening in terms of leadership of the party over the next few weeks.

With parliament set to break for 2 weeks, while the coalition politicians who’ve blown the place up, take a holiday, Turnbull may have just done enough to hold his place in the tribe for now.

Regardless of the outcome, it looks to be a move that could go down in Survivor, and political history.

More to come.



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