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As Sunrise welcomes Kochie’s new replacement, Matt ‘Shirvo’ Shirvington, the transition between hosts has unfortunately not been the easiest as Shirvo reports he wasn’t quite used to such early mornings.

Seamlessly reverse parking his Mini Cooper into the Sunrise parking lot at  approximately 3:30 am this morning, Shirvo told The Advocate that he was keen to show the nation he was not a ‘one trick horse’ and was more than ready to ‘come out swinging’ to all the naysayers who didn’t think he could fill Kochie’s big shoes.

Unfortunately having had a celebratory drinks the night before, a bleary eyed Shirvo was spotted stumbling onto the set and taking out one of the camera’s tripods, before accidentally tipping over the desk when he’d attempted to lean forward and grab his coffee cup.

Shirvo’s run of bad luck is also alleged to have continued well on into the afternoon when he’d hit the golf course with some of his mates, only to realise he’d forgotten his golf clubs and no one was willing to spare one.

Luckily he was still able to play.

More to come.


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