An altruistic and selfless local man has today taken it upon himself to help the struggling local economy.

With various economic experts and politicians tip-toeing around the word ‘recession,’ young Gus Wurker has decided to do his bit today to lift the state of affairs.

Unselfishly finishing work a couple of hours early, the Commercial Sales And Finance Advisor decided to get down and invest some of his money back into local businesses.

“I always like supporting the Australian workforce and economy,” said the model Australian citizen.

“So, now that I’ve got my tax back, I’ve decided to siphon back into this economy to give it a bit of jump start.”

“And what better way to do that then a couple of elbow benders.”

Wurker said although, not cash strapped at the moment, he’s happy to roll the sleeves up and help keep things afloat in the Channel Country.

“Don’t worry, I’ll send a bit of it down to the convenience store man too,” he said.

“And maybe even to mate’s dodgy cousin too.”

“Just doing my bit.”


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