Despite nearly a decade of blindly ignoring the reports of environmental scientists and economists, it appears that QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk still hasn’t done enough to win over the New York-based media dynasty that ultimately decides who wins and loses elections in Australia.

This comes as the Murdoch newspapers in Queensland appear to have discovered that Palaszczuk actually isn’t an LNP politician, and in fact, is in opposition to the LNP.

This has resulted in Murdoch newsrooms across the sunshine state scrambling to pump out headlines endorsing the LNP leader, Deb Frecklington.

In an interview with News Corp’s Sunday Mail, Ms Frecklington took aim at “Princess Palaszczuk” – accusing her of wearing designer clothes and having a “complete makeover” – in turn highlighting the fact that fashion sense appears to be the only real difference between the two women.

“She has deliberately changed her image — the whole ‘Princess Palaszczuk’ is pretty obvious — but I haven’t changed mine,” she told the paper in an effort to boost her vote amongst the Camilla-wearing rosè mums of Ascot.

This also seems to be enough for Rupert and his sons to officially endorse Frecklington and the post-Newman LNP, which appears to be revamped with a handful of battlefield promotions.

It marks yet another pre-determined election result in the Murdoch family’s quest to paint the entire nation blue with unprepared career politicians who have complete mandate to do nothing until each election year comes around.

This news comes as a disappointment to the wildly conservative Queensland Labor, as Palaszczuk continues to blindly march towards the reef-ravaging green light on Adani, and basically allowing cotton and sugar farmers to do whatever the fuck they want in the swing seats.

There has been no talk of new hospitals or schools from either major party.

Robbie Katter is expected to clean up, and good on him.


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