There’s some exciting news for Destination NSW and entertainment fans today, with revelations that a popular TV show could be coming to Australian shores.

The hit show White Lotus has apparently accepted a bid from a famous Byron Bay resort to host its upcoming 3rd season.

The popular program based around rich people going to absurdly luxurious resorts and carrying on like pork chops, is currently set to finish next week, with the 2nd series following the climatic rise of its theme song ahead of the final episode.

While many are tossing around theories about who kills who, how Stifler’s mum gets done over by her husband’s lover, how many of Daphne’s kids are her personal trainers and whether Harper and Ethan would be good or bad company on a week long holiday, Raes at Wategos have apparently pounced.

The boutique resort on the picturesque Wategos Beach in the linen capital of the world has applied to be the White Lotus in Season 3.

“Hawaii… Sicily… Byron Bay,” said a spokesperson for the resort.

“It just makes sense doesn’t it.”

“Half of the TV and film industry comes out the the region anyway, so why not sync it all up and have the Lotus in the Northern Rivers.”

“And we can probably just pull in a few of our patrons to be part of the cast if you know what I mean.”

“The Wategos Lotus. So many ways for people to go out as well. Running into some drunk schoolies, some OG hardcore music guys, big chompers in the ocean, or even just a bad herbal remedy.”

The production house behind The White Lotus have yet to provide official comment on the bid, but have hinted that the Mirage in Port Douglas is also thinking about entering the race.

More to come.


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