Local man, Rylie Piper has been commended today for his breathtaking selflessness and impressive work ethic.

While getting stuck into a few ‘schooey schooey moi mois’ with some close mates at the Lord Betoota Hotel last night, Piper shocked the entire pub by getting up from his seat, picking up several empty beer glasses, walking to the bar and leaving them there for the young bloke at the bar.

The 28-year-old grain trader has shrugged off the news he has been named a finalist in the Australian of the Year awards, set to be announced on Australia Day 2019, preferring instead to get on with the job of helping others.

Mr Piper was announced as a finalist in the Local Hero section as part of the awards on his development and continued success of helping swamped publicans and bar staff that are in need.

However, he said while he was pleased to be nominated, he felt there were others more worthy.

“It is good news, but there’s definitely other people out there that deserve the recognition before me” he said. However, his mates aren’t letting him get away with being that modest.

“We were just there to watch the footy” says Rylie’s mate, Tim.

“There was a couple hours of difference because the test was on at Perth, so it was like we were watching cricket in the day time, but it was after work. Kind of more evening. Definitely not the situation where you get up and help out the bar staff”

“I had no idea Ryles was so polite. He was helping the glassies clean up and everything. Like usually they pick up the glasses for you but Rylie was like, ‘fuck it’ and went and put them back anyway”

Local publican, Brad Coughlan says he couldn’t believe his eyes when Rylie came bustling over to the bar and passed back three empty schooner glasses without expecting anything in return.

“He gave me a wink. So he knew what he was doing” he says.

“…but it was very helpful. I couldn’t believe it”

While Coughlan is not sure at this stage whether or not he’ll repay Rylie with a free schooner, but is certain that he’s a shoe-in for the Award.


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