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A French Quarter father is blaming a passing fire truck this morning for causing his toddler’s latest public meltdown, telling our reporters that the emergency vehicle ‘ripped’ the control rods out of his son.

Dale Penk said his youngest son, Brett, has a penchant for big things that move such as trains, plane and trucks – and seeing a firetruck moving at pace with the lights and sirens wailing is one of his favourite things.

“Brett said he wanted to go for a ride and when it dawned on him that he wasn’t going to be able to, the wheels fell off,” said Dale.

“Honest to God, shit like this just pulls the control rods out and he just melts down. This one was full-on. It was like holding a piece of a roof graphite,”

“So I put him down on the ground and let him go. I just haven’t got the energy today to deal with Brett’s bullshit.”

Our reporter then let Dale go and get back to his business.

More to come.


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