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A local public servant has picked up another public servant’s book at an airport bookshop today only to laugh at it because it isn’t heavy with it’s reference to God’s winter game.

Scott Morrison, who moonlights as the Prime Minister of Australia when they’re short of staff, said his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull’s book was ‘well-written’ and ‘sharp’ but quite light on ‘rugbah loygue’ and ‘the truth’.

“I didn’t mind it,” laughed Scott.

He joined our reporter in the Qantas Chairman’s Longue at Sydney Airport this afternoon.

The Prime Minister enjoyed two California rolls and a glass of pinot noir and The Advocate helped themselves to the special THC-infused almonds they keep under the bar for Nationals journeyman, David Littleproud.

“Malcolm wasn’t a bad bloke, we pretty much went to the same school. Grew up in the same places. Similar background. I dunno, he’s right about a lot of things, he’s wrong about others,”

“But give me Andrew Ettingshausen’s autobiography over this any day of the week! [laughs] In the wise words of Mark Gasnier, I’m a toey human for anything ET-related. Spurting hot sauce at Shark Park! All day, son!”

When asked by our reporter he could spell ‘Ettingshausen’, the Prime Minister said probably then gestured to a member of his security detail to have our reporter removed from the Chairman’s Longue.

More to come.


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