Local millennial Ashley Raymond (24) has left older members of her family feeling a little queasy today, as the post-grad student describe Leonard Cohen’s 1984 secular hymn, Hallelujah, as the “song from Shrek.”

At a Christmas lunch with the family members they wanted to get out of the way early, talk turned to music, prompting Raymond’s uncle Desmond (56) to take out his guitar and ruin everyone’s sense of security.

After fumbling through a whistle-free “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,” Desmond began strumming the chords of Hallelujah only to be interrupted by Raymond who exclaimed that her uncle was playing the “song from Shrek.”

Snapping two strings at once, Desmond stopped playing to the silent room, the guest of which reportedly stared blankly at the ignorantly smiling Raymond who was eventually informed that the song existed before the ground-breaking Dreamworks animation.

“Oh right, Hallelujah,” stated Raymond.

“Yep, I know it actually. Jeff Buckley right?”

Following a jocular suggestion from Raymond that Desmond perform All-Star by Smash Mouth, Raymond’s mother made an excuse to go, leaving behind the rest of the roast potatoes she was definitely going to take home with her.

“It was really awkward,” stated Raymond’s cousin Howard (15).



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