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Left with not much else to do this afternoon besides think about things, a local man failed to surprise himself when he realised his most reliable and practical mate drives a Subaru Brumby.

Miles Tanner is a firm believer that a man’s car is a reflection of the man himself. As he’s a coy Aires with an attachment disorder, he drives a SsangYong Musso.

His good mate Conor ‘Rhino’ Stickson drives a Subaru Brumby. Rhino’s a reliable, dependable young man with a stable job and a stable family. He wants for nothing and isn’t really the showy type.

Rhino’s Subaru Brumby has a cassette player and a clutch with as much life left in it as former Senator Derryn Hinch. A passenger window that goes down every time but up only half. A bag of barley in the tray to give it some extra grip in the wet. Four different brands of tyre on each corner and air conditioning warmer than Robert de Castella’s gooch at the finish line.

Reliable And Practical.

The Advocate drove over to Miles’ flat in Betoota Heights to get more on what he thought about Rhino and his Brumby but decided enough had been said.

So our reporter drove around the bloke and went back to the office.

More to come.


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