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A Sydney man who was caught up in the Paradise Papers tax evasion scheme has called on his former colleagues to offer more transparency to the public when it comes to foreign donations to political parties.

Malcolm Turnbull, who was once Prime Minister of Australia, was embroiled in a scandal dubbed ‘The Paradise Papers’ in 2016.

Although no wrongdoing was uncovered, it still made the nation collectively squint at Turnbull – according to the man himself.

The bitter Scorpio spoke to our reporter via Skype this afternoon where he echoed his own sentiments yet again.

“This whole thing with Peter Dutton and the Chinese is a bit off,” said Malcolm.

“Trust me. I know when there’s some dirty money tumbling about Granny’s boulangerie! [laughs] Jesus wept!”

“Anyway, I think there should be greater transparency when to comes to China and whatnot. Especially when Peter is involved! Don’t publish what I’m saying. He’ll have you svitzed in the face with nerve agent if you do. If anybody from your newspaper dies suspiciously, Peter did it.”

The Advocate reached out to the Office of Home Affairs and Peter Dutton for comment but only received an itchy white powder in response which is triggering our receptionist’s asthma.

More to come.


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