Deciding that a day spent at home playing video games and drinking wine will definitely send a message that they want the date to change, book shop manager Jesse Coote (34) will be spending January 26th mulling over Australia’s history.

Unfortunately, the chapter of Australian history she will be mulling over the most is her own, as a Facebook ‘On This Day’ reminder gives Coote something to really call out.

Jumping onto social media to check if any of her friends were sending it today, Coote came face to face with her old love for Australia Day and humour that really only hits when there are only white people around.

“Let’s see which of my friends could be doing better today and- JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK!” cried Coote, shoving our reporters away and slamming her laptop shut.

“I forgot about those days.’ Oh fuck! Oh God! is the shoe polish photo out there?”

Immediately, Coote untagged herself from the image before messaging her old university friend to ask if she and the other girls from the netball team wouldn’t mind taking that photo down.

“If someone has a screenshot of that I will never be able to become a politician. Unless I run for The Nationals.” 


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