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The head chef at one of our town’s most popular restaurants told The Advocate today that while it’s been very difficult to get where he is now, the biggest hurdle has been resisting the urge to have a potato ricer tattooed on his forearm.

Oscar Taylor has worked at our town’s only Merivale establishment, The Dickless Parrot, for the past 6 months. In that time, he’s seen many kitchen staff come and go but the one thing that all those transient people all have in common is their penchant for trade-related ink.

The 29-year-old upstart sat down with our reporter this afternoon to talk all things hospo – and ink.

“Oh, don’t worry!” he laughed.

“I’ve got plenty of ink – but none of it is inspired by cheffing. I’ve got a few MC Esher drawings and an illustration of a giant man holding and elephant by the trunk as he swings it around,”

“It’s been temping to get something like a whisk or one of those garlic crusher things tattooed on me but so far I haven’t. I thought about getting a knife or something on my throat but that’d be a bit intimidating if you didn’t know me or know I was a chef. Whatever, man, I’m happy.”

A pot of something started to boil over in the kitchen and Oscar raced back to turn the heat down.

Read the full interview with The Dickless Parrot’s Oscar Taylor in this weekend’s Weekend Betootan lift-out in The Advocate.

More to come.


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